Vi Summers – Burn For Me (The North Shore Crew Book 5)

Vi Summers – Burn For Me (The North Shore Crew Book 5)

First love. Countless mistakes. One final chance.

I loved Mickey long before I knew how much it could hurt. We thought we belonged together. Fated even. But fate wouldn’t put us through this. Even it wasn’t that cruel. We loved, and then we lost. Lost everything, including ourselves, and now I’m forced to confront our biggest downfall of all.
I have to, for both our babies.

Kimmie was my salvation for so long. So long until she became my greatest regret. We were explosive to a fault, and one day, one damning day, it blew us all back to hell.
And now she’s in the arms of another man.

They shouldn’t want each other back. They shouldn’t dream about what could have been. Then again fate rarely hands out second chances. Chances to right the wrongs. Chances to fuse their aching, broken, and wayward hearts back together.

*BURN FOR ME is book 5 of the North Shore Crew series. This series should be read in order.
Intended for readers 18+

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